The truth is in the wine

not the words.

Sourced from the Lewelling Ranch in the Saint Helena area of Napa Valley, our Unwritten Cabernet Sauvignon has complex and inviting aromatics.

Framed by scents of dark fruit and warm baked goods, svelte and dense flavors are followed by a richness on the mid-palate. Almost chewy with a hint of sweetness, the wine has accents of oak spice with an exquisitely long and toasty finish. A cold spell during fruit set and continued drought led to lower yields, forcing grapevines to produce smaller berries, resulting in a vintage with an intense, dark concentrated fruit flavor. Superb sourcing and careful selection work hand in hand to create an extraordinary wine that seduces the palate.



The Source


Our 2015 vintage is a highly sought after, limited production wine, made from grapes grown on the historic Lewelling Ranch. The Lewelling family has been in the grape growing business for six generations and their ranch, located in the heart of St. Helena, is known for producing some of the most alluring Cabernet Sauvignons in all of California.




Mark Porembski first became interested in wine years ago while studying poetry and discovering that some restaurants in Boston’s North End were not perfectly strict about the legal drinking age. He moved to California in 2000 to pursue his interest in wine, eventually taking on the position as Winemaker at Anomaly Vineyards. Mark founded Zeitgeist Cellars, a wine label in collaboration with his wife, Jennifer Williams, in 2005. With experience that includes dozens of wineries in Napa and a stint in Hawkes Bay New Zealand, Mark brings conscientious selection and a commitment to simple and thoughtful creation.




Like the wine’s appellation, life is unwritten. We were inspired to create something beautiful – something that would grow with us in our own unwritten journey. And what originally started as a fanciful dream has become our life. As we poured our passion each weekend into hand-selecting the very best grapes and watching them grow and mature, our bonds as families and as friends also blossomed. Together, we created a wine that is timelessly delicious and decadent – one that can be enjoyed today, twenty years from now by our children, and beyond. Our families are forever impacted by this vintage. We hope that you’ll get inspired and join our vinous family too.

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