Benefits of being in a wine club

What Are the Benefits of Being Part of a Wine Club?

If you adore fine wine, then you might want to consider the benefits of joining a wine club. This holds especially true if you come across a winery that produces varieties that stimulate your nose like no others—rare offerings that you might otherwise find difficult or costly to find at your local wine retailer.

What exactly is a wine club, you ask? Well, simply put, a wine club is a membership program by wineries that delivers you a set amount of bottles per year. Napa Valley’s Unwritten Wines, in fact, offers several wine clubs that provide members with the latest releases of its flagship Cabernet Sauvignon, along with other benefits often associated with wine clubs.

Consider These Wine Club Benefits

Every wine club is different and their benefits vary. The most common benefit among wine clubs is price discounts from what you would pay at retail. Depending upon the winery, these discounts can range from between 10% to 20%. Another common benefit is that wine club members often receive new vintages before they become available to the general public. Other common benefits include:

  • Knowing that your wine has been vetted by expert tasters.
  • Discounts on other wines and/or merchandise offered by the winery.
  • Complimentary or discounted wine tastings.
  • Exclusive access to library and future reserve releases.
  • Special invite-only events and tastings tailored for the wine club members.

Unwritten Wines, Napa’s Hidden Gem

Napa Valley’s rising star winery, Unwritten Wines began in 2014 with tech visionary and Apple employee #6 Randy Wigginton and four of his friends. As a novice vintner, to help bring the winery to life, Randy combined his passion for fine wines with the Apple philosophy of applying an exacting attention to detail and focus on always striving to make something better.

The quintet subsequently began with the simple premise that all they needed to get started was “great fruit and an amazing winemaker.” They first sourced the finest Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from 30-year old vines on the historic Lewelling estate. The quintet then became a sextet when noted winemaker Mark Porembski agreed to join the team. Mark came into the project with more than 20 years of winemaking experience. This includes work with dozens of Napa Valley wineries and is the co-founder of the wine label Zeitgeist Cellars.

Vintage History

Unwritten Wines produced 50 cases for its first vintage, as well as some bottles served by the esteemed Napa Valley eateries The French Laundry and Press Restaurant, and the remainder selling out within three weeks. The winery’s 2016 vintage was declared a “study in elegance” by Master Sommelier Willi Sherer. The 2017 vintages earned high praise from Wine Advocate and Vinography reviewers.

With the 2019 vintage releasing in late 2022, Unwritten Wines increased production to more than 185 cases and is rolling out its Signature Series partnering with David Abreu and his Las Posadas vineyard on Howell Mountain. Sticking to its roots, there will also be 50 cases of this special Howell Mountain Signature label and the team is soo excited to debut this amazing wine.

Unfortunately, the team had to skip the 2020 vintage due to the terrible fires in Napa Valley. The Unwritten team was not satisfied with the quality of the fruit that was picked.

The 2021 vintage was picked in the winter, and Unwritten will be debuting a 2nd Signature Series of 50 cases with fruit from Oakville Station, which is formerly a portion of the iconic To-Kalon district. The Oakville Station is not only a premium vineyard but also a world-class research facility for UC Davis.

Savor Unwritten Wines with Wine Club Membership

Unwritten Wines has three distinct wine clubs that deliver the latest releases of its flagship Cabernet Sauvignon:

Three Bottle Club

  • Fall shipment of three bottles of the flagship Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • 10% discount on club shipments and all additional purchases.
  • Two complimentary tastings per year.

Six Bottle Club

  • Fall shipment of six bottles of the flagship Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • 15% discount on club shipments and all additional purchases.
  • Four complimentary tastings per year.

Twelve Bottle Club

  • Fall shipment of 12 bottles of the flagship Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • 20% discount on club shipments and all additional purchases.
  • Exclusive access to library releases and future reserve releases.
  • Eight complimentary tastings per year.
  • Designated VIP concierge to assist with priority appointments for tours and tastings.

Sign Up for Your Unwritten Wine Club

In general, you can easily sign up for your Unwritten Wine Club membership on our Wine Club page. In short, keep abreast of our releases and receive special offers for exclusive wine experiences join our mailing list. If you have any questions about our winery or vintages, then please fill out our contact form. Regardless of your affection for fine wines, we trust that you will take the opportunity to experience what Randy calls the “timeless deliciousness and decadence” of Unwritten Wines.

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